Thursday, November 22, 2007

CEA Report: Public Education in Canada

The Canadian Education Association has released its Public Education in Canada: Facts, Trends and Attitudes report, which contains the results of our Public Attitudes Toward Education survey.

The full report and a summary of findings is available on our website at:

This is CEA’s fourth such survey and is based on the opinions of over 2,400 Canadians collected between January and May 2007. Commentaries are also included in this report from educational leaders based on these survey results that help provide a context to issues such as student assessment, confidence in school systems, and educational change.

In addition to the survey results, this report contains a composite picture of education in Canada, with an overview of our education systems, a summary of key public school indicators and a brief outline of trends in educational reform.

We hope that this report will spark dialogue in your organization and beyond about the challenges we face in educating all students to take their place in a world of dynamic social, technological and economic change. In this regard, CEA welcomes your feedback on the questions contained at the conclusion of the report that can help us to draw people into larger conversations to think about education.

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